About the World Federation of Music Therapy

The World Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT) is an international nonprofit organization bringing together music therapy associations and individuals interested in developing and promoting music therapy globally through the exchange of information, collaboration among professionals, and actions. Founded in 1985 in Genoa, Italy, it is the only worldwide professional organization representing music therapy in many areas of the world. The members of the federation are music therapy organizations, training programs, certified music therapists, music therapy students, and individuals associated with music therapy.

The mission of the WFMT is to support the global development of educational programs, clinical practice, and research to demonstrate the contributions of music therapy to humanity (WFMT, 2015).

The three strongest areas the WFMT has for formally disseminating knowledge are:
The WFMT website (www.wfmt.info), which has a wealth of free resources for all who visit the pages,
The WFMT journal Music Therapy Today, which is an online free access peer reviewed journal, and
The World Congresses of Music Therapy, which are held every three years.

This information is provided with permission from the WFMT.